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Midnight Grove

Welcome wWelcome weary traveler. Come, sit a spell by the fire. Join in our feast, and enjoy the entertainment. Do watch the Fae Folk though, they have a streak of mischeif in them!

Life in itself has many crossroads, it is up to you to choose which path that you shall travel

You will find many paths that twine through this grove

Some you may find disturbing

All that I ask of you traveler, is that you go with an open mind and free spirit

You may be amazed at what you find

(Due to the rate of traffic at this page I have put up stars to working pages. Please keep checking back often, as I am updating/finishing this site as quickly as I can! Thanks!)

Join the Bard by the slow moving stream for tales of woe and wonder

Reflect underneath the waining moon, and heal your body and soul

Gather at the fire for food to melt even the most delicate of palettes

Dance with the Goddess in the Circle of the Midnight Grove

Join the Crones under the learning tree for more knowlage of the magic that resides in the grove and out

My name is Sister Midnight, and I am the keeper of the Grove

I bid you a Merry Meet and Blessed Be

I do hope you enjoy your stay in the Grove, and will offer your pearls of wisdom so that others as well as myself may benifit from them

I ask that you identify yourself as being from the Grove in the subject of your E-mail. I may not open it if not done as such

This is to leave a message on the Scribes Stone

This is to read the Scribes Stone, to see the messages of those who have come before you (Please if you have signed so again..I lost my former address book due to site closing.)

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The path out of the grove is one laced with hapiness and sorrow

I thank thee for thy visit, traveller...

and bid thee merry part